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We bring the tang to your digital presence!

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Distinct Branding

We build authentic, long-lasting brands designed to cut through online and in the real world. Distinct logos, style guides and brand stories are our jam – we believe consistency is key!

We work with a hand picked selection of emerging artists and designers to ensure your brand is one of a kind and grabs the attention of your target audience.

All branding packages include strategy workshops to ensure your brand is bullet proof and we’re on the same page throughout the project!

Prices starting from $1,000

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Website Design

Your website is not only a tool for you to communicate your brand message, but it can also do a lot of heavy lifting with limitless opportunities for integration with current or new working systems – giving you time to focus on where to grow next!

We kick off all of our website projects with a website strategy session to ensure we understand exactly what you need your website to do, and who it needs to connect with.

All packages include UX strategy session to ensure your website is kicking goals straight away!

Prices starting from $4,000

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Digital Marketing 

From social content through to search optimisation, we’ll ensure you launch and grow your business online and start seeing a return on your investment asap.

We’ve got a good handle on what pops off in the online space, as well as how to achieve growth through engagement across digital channels (where your future customers spend their time).

Your digital presence should be consistent and speaking your audiences’ language, no matter where they meet your brand for the first time.

Prices starting from $500 p/m

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The girls at Mayo were so friendly and helpful and their support has been ongoing. They created the most beautiful website for me and if ever I have any questions about my website they are only too kind to help.


I didn’t want my brand and website to let me down. I felt like I had a lot of big ideas but as solopreneur I didn’t have anyone to bounce them off of. Being able to collaborate with the Mayo Team helped me refine my niche, target audience and my message. I knew I wanted to stand out in the space. Not only do I have a website that feels like a big warm hug when you land, my messaging is conversational and exactly the tone I use in my coaching sessions. Mayo continued to surprise and delight me by going the extra mile. I’d already be happy with the direction we were going but then the end result would always supersede that! I didn’t find them precious about my feedback at all. They were empathetic to the fact that this was my second baby (I had just had my first actual baby during this process!) and understood how important it was for me to get this right. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mayo for any of your brand and marketing needs. I plan to continue working them as my business grows!


I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those things.


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We bring it all together.

We proudly live on Wurundjeri land - Melbourne, Australia
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