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Mariel Santiago

Mariel Santiago

Mariel is a life, sex and relationship coach who wanted a brand and website that invited her clients with open arms. Her work is incredibly intimate, so we designed a brand that felt welcoming and sexy in a way that wouldn’t be intimidating for her potential clients.

Mariel’s brand and website allows you to really feel her essence as a coach – so that her clients can make a confident choice in her services. The website clearly communicates her approach, links to her client intake form, displays upcoming events and programs, her blog and more importantly – does the heavy lifting for her when it comes to attracting and booking new clients.

All creative assets including logo, website design, copy, testimonial video and unique scrapbook-like visuals created in house by our talented local designers.

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Branding, Design, Logo Design, Website Development


August 12, 2020

We bring it all together.

We proudly live on Wurundjeri land - Melbourne, Australia
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