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1. Can you bring my brand idea to life?

Absolutely! As Australia’s tangiest creative digital agency, we can take your idea through brand strategy, develop the identity, pull this through to the website development and a content plan for launch to drive awareness of your brand. With that extra sauce you’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on your future customers or clients!

2. How much does a website cost to build?

We understand the challenge of starting and running a business during Covid19, so we keep our prices as reasonable as possible and offer flexible payment options for those doing it tough.

Get in touch for our pricing guide

Get in touch if you’re a non-profit or a social enterprise as we’re always looking to help our community.

3. Why do all projects need a strategy session?

One of Millie’s former careers was working as a strategist in media agencies for big brands like P&G, MTV, CUB and Phillips. So every project that comes through Mayo needs to have a strong strategy underpinning it or she jumps out the window.

4. Can I update the website myself?

Yes! We will hand you over the keys along with some training to make sure you’ve got the hang of it. We’re also here to help if you get stuck.

5. What is hosting and do you do that?

If your website is built on wordpress, it needs to be hosted on a server as long as you want it to be live on the internet.

We look after this for you as part of the monthly maintenance cost (which is lower than other platforms).

If your site is built on Wix, Squarespace or any other platform, there is no monthly maintenance cost from us – just the upfront design and set up costs.

6. What makes Mayo better than the rest?

Mayo brings a mix bag of 13 years experience in branding, content and website development, alongside a legendary bunch of talent we engage based on their style and skillset. Most of us lost our jobs, so working together is exciting (as is surviving through a global pandemic).

Mayo loves to be distinct, memorable and fun.
All of our work is made to survive through anything.

We’ve taken our learnings from big brands and take joy in developing approaches and concepts for smaller, newer brands.

We’re super passionate about playing a positive role in rebuilding our community post COVID19 and seeing people thrive online through turbulent times!

7. Who's Blobby Boi?

Blobby boi is our mate and mascot. He’s actually just a few blobs of mayo held together with good intentions and love.

Check him out on instagram

He always has helpful (and sometimes not) things to say.

We bring it all together.

We proudly live on Wurundjeri land - Melbourne, Australia
but our community is worldwide