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5 quick SEO tips for a better Google ranking

We’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t recognise the name “Google”. With nearly four billion people worldwide using the popular search engine and nearly 200 million active websites, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of it all. But all hope is not lost, there are many ways to improve your search ranking and we will discuss 5 quick SEO tips that you can do yourself, without engaging a specialist, to help Google index and rank your site higher up on that first page of results. 


What is SEO?


Briefly, SEO stands for “search engine optimization” which is the process of improving your site’s performance to increase visibility. Google bots increase your visibility by crawling your web pages to index them, putting them in the correct position for when someone searches a specific term. The better indexed you are, the more visibility you have for potential customers or clients.

Quick SEO tips you can do yourself


Add unique meta descriptions to your pages


Meta descriptions summarise a specific page’s content. These descriptions are up to 155 characters in length and are shown underneath your page title in search engine results. Its purpose is to get a user to click on your link. You want this summary to be actionable, convincing, and specific. 

If the web page you are writing a meta description for is for mens formal wear and you are wanting to rank for the search term “mens formal wear”, see TK Maxx’s example below of a specific, actionable and convincing meta description.

Improve your page load speed 


A recent study found that website conversion rates will drop by about 2.11% with each additional second of page load time. If your pages load slow, you’re missing out on the opportunity to drive organic traffic to your website, therefore hindering your ranking scores. Here are a couple of quick things you can do right now to improve page loading speed:

  • Compress images. When we upload an image straight to a website, it is usually quite a large file and dramatically slows loading times. Compress your images to their smallest file size, you can use a free online image compression tool and reupload them to your site.


  • Remove unnecessary third-party content. These are things such as embedded videos, trackers, or advertisements from other websites.

Create a “Google My Business” account 


Google My Business is a free tool created by Google to verify your business online and help potential customers find you a lot quicker and easier. It is very easy to set up and once done, Google My Business displays your business location and details, as well as images and reviews adding legitimacy to your business and ultimately improving your local search rankings.

Check your content length and add relevant keywords


You should aim to have more than 300 words on each page of your website. A higher word count better helps Google bots understand what the content of your page is about, resulting in more accurate indexing. Adding more text content also means you can your key search terms within the content. 

Google tends to rank long-form articles of 1000 words or more, higher in search results. This is why we encourage you to incorporate a blog section on your website, allowing you the freedom to write long-form without jeopardising the design of main pages such as your homepage. 

If you are wanting to rank for “best pizza in Melbourne”, make sure to include those words within your page content.

Title tags and headers 


Ensure your website has an appropriate title that explains what the page is about, without too many words. If you’re wanting your page to rank for “home design”, try adding this phrase to your title and to one header on the page. 

Your title should not be longer than 60 characters as Google only displays up to 60 characters. You want your title to be completely readable in search results. 

Headers refer to H1 tags and are a great way to highlight a piece of content within your text.

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